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What You Didn't Know About A RN Salary

There are numerous people who earn a great living on a Registered Nurse salary. Nurses can be paid well, and deserve every penny of what they earn. We put our lives in their hands on a daily basis. Nursing is not a job, it's a way of life for those that want to be true professionals and are part of the support system for their patients.

Requirements to become and stay a nurse can be very strict from state to state. Initial and ongoing education are extremely important for anyone who wishes to become a nurse. Anyone entering the nursing field should have an internal desire to care for others, have compassion, sympathy and want to take on the enormous responsibilities of other peoples health care..

Within the whole health care sector, nursing is the largest growing profession. On last count, we had almost three million active and licensed nurses in the system. Nationwide, the need continues to increase, and we need more men and women to enter the field. We have plenty of seniors, and even more people on the verge of retirement that will need care in the near term. It goes without saying that nurses will be among the most needed to provide the necessary care. It is very obvious that our entire healthcare field continues to grow, and will do so for years to come. We need as many qualified candidates as possible.

Employment for nurses is expected to continue to grow by twenty two percent continually for the next eight to ten years. Therefore, by 2018 this country will need in excess of half a million additional nurses on staff. This is good news for a struggling economy and unemployment raging out of control. Whether your considering a new career or entering the workforce for the first time, if you put in the time and effort, this move will prove rewarding in an economy that has increasing unemployment.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has said that the lowest paid ten percent of nurses made about 43,000 a year while the top ten percent of the highest paid nurses earned more that 93,000. The largest amount of registered nurses work in the general medical field and surgical hospitals. Nurses working in hospitals can expect to earn an average of about 67,000 per year.

Just as important and the second largest group of RN's are the men and women who work directly for doctors offices. The earning power for this group is on average the same as the hospital nurses and comes in at the same 67,000 per year. RN's that chose to work with the elderly, specifically in the home health care portion of the industry, will on average earn about 63,000 yearly. Surprisingly, the nurses who work in nursing homes make the least bringing home only 59,000 a year. Those who chose outpatient services can expect to earn about 65,000 in annual salary.

These income levels are very good and most people can live quite nicely. Yet there are other sectors inside the health care business that still offer larger salaries. The business of medical supplies and equipment pays the best at 77,800 a year. Finally, maybe not surprising, a nurse in Government at the Federal level in the executive branch can earn about 78,000 per year.

Although newly certified nurses are hired every day, the need will continue to grow into the future. Many areas around the U.S. still need many more qualified and quality nurses. If you are thinking about becoming an RN, now is the time to do it. If you can see yourself caring for others and realize the type of gratification that comes with, then you can benefit from the current boom in nursing.

Although the duties are somewhat alike, an RN salary is typically higher than that of other nursing positions. An LPN needs a lesser degree of education and certification.

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